OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – The dream of starting a business turned into a financial nightmare for one Omaha woman.

Selling health products online meant more to JoAnn Hoffman than supplement income.

“Some flexibility in my life and be my own boss,” said Hoffman about why she decided to pursue her business.

These days, every business needs a website. Four months ago, Hoffman paid Ted Molina of Luna Advertising $7,500 to put her new company on the internet map.

“I learned a very big lesson. Don’t provide the money until you get the product, and I didn’t receive anything,” said Hoffman.

At this time, the Better Business Bureau has no report on the company, but that is likely to change as they investigate Hoffman’s complaint. The bureau president said his team hasn’t been able to contact the web designer.

“We’re really trying to track down who this individual is she wrote this check to. The amount of the check over $7,000 is pretty startling,” said Jim Hegarty.

Lunar Advertising Omaha has an email address, but Hoffman said she met the owner in social circles.

“He told me his experience has been he made clients wealthy designing their websites,” said Hoffman.

That’s not the case for her. Instead, Hoffman is left without a website and the money to produce one. This could halt her dreams of running an online business.

The web designer could not be reached for comment.

It is a good idea not to pay more than one-third of the money down for a project like web design, and always get everything in writing before writing a check. It’s also a good idea to call the Better Business Bureau for background on the company and search the internet for any legal action against them.

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