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Stories have always been powerful because of how they affect us on a biological level. Due to this unique connection, storytelling has become an integral part of the marketing world although often without people understanding exactly why. It has also proven to be very effective for website design. Today New York web design company, Lounge Lizard, discusses the Benefits of Storytelling in Web Design.

  1. Stories are motivating. A funny story makes us laugh. A scary story can make us tense and jump at the smallest noise. There is motivation that takes place when we immerse ourselves in a story because we are living vicariously through the characters in the story. Interestingly it has been shown that when we are treated with trust or kindness our brain releases oxytocin, which is a neurotransmitter that encourages us to respond with a similar positive behavior. A story that can show overcoming struggles, earning trust, or receiving kindness can then motivate people to positive behavior which is beneficial when you are attempting to illicit a reaction.
  2. They create a journey. In essence a story takes you from Point A to Point B. You travel from one place to another and during that journey is where the magic happens. Fables and the earliest stories on record were often life lessons about greed or specific dangers and by following the advice of the story you could avoid falling into the same situation. Our imagination can translate those lessons to our own life which in turn makes us act in one way or another. It has been proven that people get caught up in this journey and often want to follow it to its conclusion because we have to see how it ends! Good storytelling on your website creates a journey that should entice customers to follow along to see the ending. Stories and journeys can be big or small depending on the path of action you are travelling on the site.
  3. Stories capture attention. There are three general stages of interaction with a story; attention, connection, and action. The first step in a good story is to capture attention which is done by building up a plot which creates anticipation of a climax. As designers and marketers know, capturing attention is a key aspect of engagement and stories are an excellent vehicle for doing this because of their basic structure.
  4. They turn ideas into reality. A good story tends to come to life in the human brain when we are engaged which then leads to oxytocin being released. Our imaginations get involved and concepts are transformed into a current reality. When you tell the origin story of a business that showcases the struggle to overcome a problem or issue, how you built something from the ground up with blood, sweat, and tears, or the mission that inspired the launch, people can connect with that. They can imagine themselves in that situation which then turns the idea into something real which is important for engagement, connection, cohesion, and trust between you and customers.

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