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Municipal Commissioner KK Yadav. (File)

There has been a series of orders by Municipal Commissioner K K Yadav after he got to know that the employees were actually working at the houses of officers, retired officers and councillors as cleaners, cooks and drivers and taking salaries from the civic body’s coffers.

In yet another order shot off by Commissioner K K Yadav, citizens will now know which employee is in charge of their area, his contact number and even his father’s name so that they can hold the specific employee accountable for any lapse in discharge of duty.

The commissioner in the orders stated, “It is further directed to all branch officers to prepare the area of responsibility for field officials/ officers giving details regarding area of duty by name and other details like father’s name, contact number etc.”

It was stated, “A list with these details may be properly prepared and submitted the same to the undersigned by August 13. After that the branch officer IT will ensure that these lists are uploaded on the official website of the Municipal Corporation so that any citizen can get the information about the municipal employee responsible for specific duty in its area of responsibility.”

It is the third order in a row by the commissioner to make sure employees are actually getting paid for the work they are assigned.

The employees, however, who had been going really easy for years when it came to working in the MC, are not happy with the commissioner’s directions as they feel they are being ‘leashed’.

In an internal WhatsApp group of employees, one of them posted that the commissioner was trying to “leash them like pet dogs”. The other one said that it was dictatorship.

Mayor Rajesh Kalia, supporting Yadav’s way of dealing with the employees, said that this resentment is coming from those employees who did not want to work. “Now because they have to come out of their comfort zone and actually do the real work for which they are being paid, it is causing a problem to them. They were being paid for doing absolutely nothing and this is the way these people should be dealt with,” said Kalia.

Last Friday, the commissioner had ordered that all those employees who are missing from their actual place of work and not performing their duty, it would be the supervisory officers who will be paying for their salaries from their own pockets. It was stated that 50 per cent of the salary of that erring employee will be charged from the first supervisory officer, 30 per cent from the second supervisory officer and 20 per cent from the chief supervisory authority.

The day before that, the commissioner had withdrawn all additional charges of senior positions from junior officials.

GPS tracking watches

The agenda to have GPS tracking watches for the field staff was passed in last September 2018. The GPS watches were to act as surveillance over these employees. In the orders it is also specified by the Commissioner, “Agenda regarding purchase of GPS tracking watches was passed by the general house MC on September 14, 2018 but till date the agreement for these watches has not been finalized. It is ordered that the purchase of watches be completed at the earliest possible.”