GetNetSet Websites for Accounting Firms

From the Oct. 2018 reviews of Website Builders for accounting firms.

GetNetSet offers custom website creation specifically for accounting professionals, and is best suited for small to mid-sized firms. Those interested have their choice of three product plans; Representer, which is for very small firms and offers 7 web pages; the Retainer plan, which includes an unlimited number of pages and a client portal, and the Recruiter plan, which offers all of the options available in the other two versions along with advanced SEO capability and expanded storage options.

Designed with accounting firms in mind, GetNetSet offers completely customized websites, with custom design included in the price of the selected version. Users simply pick out a design that they like from the series of templates available in the application, with more than 75 templates available to choose from. The chosen template serves as a reference point when designing the website, providing designers with a blueprint for the type of website desired. In addition to the design templates, users can choose to match the website design to their current firm logo or other branding materials, if desired.

To begin the design process, each customer is assigned a “Guardian Webmaster” who manages the creation and maintenance of the website, and is responsible for everything from adding and editing content, adding and removing pages, optimizing and publishing images, SEO, text and page formatting, while also serving as the firm’s point of contact. For those that prefer to be a bit more hands on, GetNetSet also offers users the ability to make website edits using the included editing tools. There are also a series of short tutorials available that guide users through making the changes they desire.

GetNetSet offers users a variety of popular default web pages, including Home, Services, Testimonials, Site Search, Blog, Staff Profiles, and numerous others. An Automated Newsletter is included in both the Retainer and Recruiter versions of the product, and users can easily accept client payments online either through a merchant account or by linking with PayPal. Branded email addresses are also available in both the Retainer and Recruiter versions.

A secure client portal is also available in GetNetSet that offers up to 2GB of storage space, and users can easily access newsletter archives if necessary. There are also over 100 Financial Calculators available in the Retainer and Recruiter versions, and the ability to add your own resources section on the website if desired. Also available is the Tax Center, which offers access to IRS publications, Tax Rates, Tax Due Dates, and IRS forms.

Custom touches such as videos, images, and Flash animation can be added to any website, and the website can support multiple domains if necessary.

GetNetSet offers good support, with users able to contact their Guardian Webmaster with any questions and concerns. In addition, toll free telephone support is available, as is email and chat support.

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