Online presence is crucial for every business. Today, in the year 2019, almost every business has a website via which the customers can reach them. By owning, and properly maintaining a website, you can improve your business’ credibility, grow your business, increase your visibility, and build a stronger connection with your customers. Also, a website can help you promote more efficiently. While presence on social media can be helpful, it is isn’t enough on its own. A properly designed website will also show how professional you are, it legitimizes your business, and it will bring you more loyal customers. Now that we all understand why having a website is so important, let’s take a look at how web design can be just as beneficial.

Back in 2015, Google said that mobile-friendly, responsive websites will see a boost in their search engine. This is was a pretty good incentive for everyone to start working on making their websites as responsive as possible. Just think about how often you’re using your smartphone and what you use it for. You can easily buy plane tickets in a matter of minutes, book the entire vacation, do your grocery shopping for the day, and more. None of that would be possible, or at least not as easy if the websites weren’t responsive. This is the age of smartphones, and being mobile-friendly isn’t a choice anymore, it’s a necessity. SiteCentre emphasizes the importance of focusing on your target demographics while building a site. Not everyone uses the Internet, or their smartphones, in the same way, and your website design will largely depend on your target audience and their online habits.

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Search engines rule the world. We all have to play by their rules. Giants like Google are helping the people around the world millions of times every day. Every time a list of results comes up, the most relevant and interesting ones will be on top and those are the ones that get most attention and traffic. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, techniques are there to help get your website as high up on the list of search results as possible. Excellent web design will help you with that as it plays a major role in the SEO process.

Good web design will not only help you get users on your websites, but it will work on keeping them there long enough for them to make a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever else you want them to do on your site. They need to be engaged, active, interested, and you’ll achieve that by keeping your landing page clean and simple. There shouldn’t be too many steps that customers need to take in order to make a purchase, and they shouldn’t be forced to search long to find what they are supposed to do. Your landing page should tell them what it is that you have to offer to them and what is the fastest way they can reach it. Guide them through the process of purchasing or subscribing. That will significantly increase your conversion rate and you’ll get yourself some new, loyal, satisfied customers.

Source: Creative Marketing & Design.