The Downsides to Free Websites

Now, let’s be clear, you can build a website for free. Most website builders offer free packages, too. But, while you can use these packages to construct a website for absolutely no cost, there are quite a few reasons why you wouldn’t want to.

No custom URL – One big reason to avoid a free builder is that you won’t get a custom URL. This means that you’ll likely be lumbered with a URL that looks something like:

How much does a website cost? Bad URLThis would not only look unprofessional, but would also make it harder for users, and potential customers to find your site.

Adverts – You’ll have adverts on your site promoting the website builder you used. This, again, doesn’t make your site look particularly serious or professional. It’ll also slow down the rate at which your website’s pages load, as your browser will have to display all of the adverts, as well as your own content – another drain on potential customers.

Bandwidth – Your site will also have its bandwidth reduced – this limits the amount of traffic your site can handle. If you exceed your monthly limit, your site won’t load for any more people.

Features – You won’t have access to the full gamut of features available with a website builder, unless you sign up for a paid package. This might be as simple as missing out on some website templates, but it could restrict your ability to add crucial functions to your site, such as contact forms, for example.

Support – Say something goes wrong with your site. Perhaps you add some text and it doesn’t display the way you’d like it to. With a free website builder package, you might not get access to the help and support functions that could find a fix for you in a matter of moments. Instead, you might end up trawling through user-generated forums, searching for the resolution to a potentially unique issue. All the while, you could be losing potential customers and creating more stress for yourself.

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