Running an online store can be very tiring and demanding – regardless of whether you are just starting out or have been running your store for months. To increase your chances of success, you need to make hundreds of decisions.

Some of them, such as the choice of hosting, can have a critical impact on your store’s performance, security, and even scalability. One type of hosting that checks all the crucial boxes is cloud hosting, which is in most cases the best type of server you can choose for your business. Here are five reasons why.

1. Cloud Hosting Makes Your Store Fast

    The impact of speed on e-business (and e-commerce in particular) has been discussed over and over on hundreds of online forums and websites. But there is a reason for that. Customers don’t want to wait for ages for your site to load (in fact, they don’t even want to wait a few seconds!), and if it fails to load fast, they’ll just go elsewhere. Which usually means your competitors.

    Then there are things such as conversion rate and brand image – which are heavily impacted by the performance of your website. All that makes website speed the number one reason why you should choose cloud hosting for e-commerce.

    Because a managed cloud hosting server is configured by a team of experienced server administrators, it’s hard to find any other hosting solution that would provide you with such a great speed boost for the same price. But it’s not the only reason why you should consider cloud hosting for your e-commerce store.

    2. It Helps You Secure the Transactions of Your Customers

    If there’s one thing that your customers like as much as the convenience of browsing a well-optimized and fast website, it’s security. No one would want to spend money on a sketchy website, no matter how fast it was or how well it looked.

    And it’s hard to blame customers – every other day we hear about a new data breach, and security companies estimate that up to 90% of all login attempts on e-commerce websites are made by people who use stolen customer data. Not the best number to mention if you want to encourage someone to start shopping online.

    The good news is, if you choose the right hosting, you don’t need any experience in server security. This is where a managed cloud hosting comes in. Every reputable cloud hosting company has a team that’ll not just secure your server during setup, but will also keep monitoring it 24/7 ensuring that your customers are safe and you can stay busy doing what matters the most – making your business bigger.

    3. Allows You to Focus on Growing Your Business

    Knowing that there are people looking after your server is a great relief. It means that you don’t have to worry about the security of your store 24/7. While, of course, you still should make all the necessary checks from time to time (or assign an employee to do that), a managed cloud hosting package can solve the majority of your security concerns.

    And since you will not be spending so much time looking after your hosting, you can focus on the thing you should be thinking about in the first place – your business. You need to keep attracting new customers if you want to grow. And, speaking of growth, the right cloud hosting server is ready for that too.

    4. And Makes It Easy to Scale as You Grow

      Some people like to say that they don’t really want to run a big store, they just want to have a small store to support themselves and their family. Unfortunately, considering the ever-increasing competition, if you don’t keep growing your business, you might be soon outperformed by other websites in your niche. In fact, scalability is essential to e-commerce business success. This is true for any other industry.

      But, as opposed to other industries, scaling an e-business is much easier. All you need on the technical side of things is a server ready to accommodate an increased traffic. And, considering that most cloud hosting companies offer at least 2 – 3 pricing packages (to which you can change any time you want, without having to close and re-open your account), cloud quickly becomes the most obvious choice in this regard. Which gives your business one extra benefit many people ignore.

      5. Your Competitors Are Left Behind

        Not many business owners run their online stores in the cloud. In fact, many of them don’t even test their website speed or care about securing it properly. All that despite growing security concerns and an increasing number of competing stores. But, you shouldn’t be worrying about them. In fact, their negligence will help you grow your own business.

        By choosing the right server right from the start, you can have a technological advantage over other stores in your niche that’re still using cheap shared hosting packages. It may take some time before they even realize that their poor sales are most likely caused by their slow, completely untrustworthy (and probably unsafe) websites. Imagine who your potential customers will go once they realize that your competitors’ stores are unsafe and slow?

        Naturally, there’s a plethora of other reasons why you’d want to choose cloud for your next e-commerce project. From speed and security to scalability and more time to focus on the most important things for your business, all these qualities make cloud hosting the best option for your e-commerce store – even if you’re already running it for some time.

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